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as you read this . Think ! think about every single word , every single sentence that you read .
you are young . you need to live . you need to realize that being mad at someone is silly .
people make mistakes , we are human , it's okay .
forgive and forget . don't lose a friend because something small happened . forgive them .
forget about their mistakes , you'd want the same from them if you did it . if you like someone , tell them.
you don't know what could happen to them .
it is sad to think about , but it's true .
people die every day , every minute , every second . you never know !
have fun , dance in public , sing at the top of your lungs , don't hold in a laugh and don't hold back a smile
dress how you want , not how others want you to . be free !
don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do .
say what's on your mind . tell everyone your thoughts . let out your opinion , it should never go unheard.
live your life as much as you can because you never know what could happen .
you just don't know how .

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